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Where to Find a Good Mariachi Band

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Many are turning towards more interesting live entertainment than the classic musical acts: and in this, they’re discovering the power and incredible talent that can be found in fantastic mariachi bands!  These performers have the innate skill to wow and amaze those who hear them: but how do you find them to hire them?

These are the top ways and why you should hire them above all other performers.

Why Hire a Mariachi Band

Mariachi music is so extraordinarily unique and recognizable that all it takes is for them to show up in their fantastic attire with their instruments for people to know what they are.

This unmistakable sound has deep cultural meaning for many Mexican Americans, viewing it as a part of their cultural heritage and a prideful part of community connections.  Originally these bands started from working-class and rural towns, yet are now a gorgeous symbol of their culture now.

Look Around In Local Social Media Tags

Most mariachi bands heavily advertise where they are, and when they’re available.  On top of this, the moment a mariachi band is playing, tons of people in the area are quick to take pictures of them and post them, so as long as you’re looking in local tags, there’s a high chance that you’ll find a mariachi band in no time.

Ask Around by Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is useful for finding mariachi bands because if you know anyone who has hired one before, they’ll be able to tell you whether or not the group they hired was worth it and how to contact them if they were.  This also gives you the chance to know their pricing before you talk to them to find out if they’re within your budget.


Seek Them Out on Gig Sites

Many of the mariachis Miami has to offer are easily found on gig sites!  On these sites, you can research performers, look at any samples they post, and find out their rates so that you can hire them.  This is the eBay way to search for them, and it can feel like window shopping since it gives you the chance to compare as many as you want!

Avoid Hiring the First One You Find Without Hearing Them

Although it can feel hard to find a good mariachi band: don’t hire the first one you see unless you’ve heard them and love their sound.

You don’t want to risk hiring someone sight unseen, only to find out they’re not what you want and don’t offer the sound that you were hoping to get for your event.  It’s okay to ask if they have any videos of them performing and if not, ask if they have any good references of people who may have recorded them playing at their event.

A Fantastic Mariachi Band Can Turn Any Day Around

Mariachi bands have a kind of charisma around them that makes them extremely exciting to see perform live.  Whether you’re hiring them for a family gathering or making a big life announcement, these skilled musicians will move the hearts of anyone listening to them and are immediately identifiable for what they are.