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What Is the Purpose of a Sewer System?

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A sanitary sewer system primary purpose is to protect water quality and public safety. Underground pipes, manholes, and pumping stations transport sewage from homes and businesses to wastewater treatment facilities where it is cleaned before being returned to the environment.

Runoff is the term used to describe rainwater and snowmelt collected by storm sewers. The water is transported through pipes, manholes, and other conveyance systems. The majority of stormwater is directed directly into local streams and waterways, without any treatment.

What Are the Main Characteristics of These Systems?

Sewer System

In most cases, gravity is used to transport wastewater through the sanitary sewer. However, in some instances, the wastewater may be pumped up from low-lying areas to higher elevations. Once there, gravity can carry the flow to the treatment plant. The manholes in the system are placed to allow access to the pipelines buried underground for maintenance and repair. The manhole is also used when there are changes in pipe size, direction, or elevation.

The storm sewer system is similar to the sanitary system in that it transports water or runoff, but there is no treatment.

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