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What are the advantages of using wallpaper over paint?

Home Design

What’s the gain of using wallpaper nowadays over Paint? There’s a lot! In decorating your office spaces, homes, spas, even coffee shops or name any businesses that need aesthetic designs to help promote your brand, Wallpapers can be your hero.

If you are deciding between these two, we would like to help you know the advantages you can get using Wallpaper instead of Paint. At the end of this article, you should understand why it is the ideal choice and considered as a long-lasting material that you can use to captivate people who will visit your place and may accentuate your interiors more.

With this, we would also like you to be familiar with what commercial wallcovering and vinyl wallcovering can offer.

Commercial Wallcovering; elegant and artistic

Were you designing your workspace and business area? You should expect an extensive range of tools and elements that will add color, patterns, texture, and depth. In a pristine and vibrant area, you would want to blend all these factors. A focal point in creating a layered and perfectly designed theme can be achieved with the help of these commercial wallcoverings available in the market.

There are many ways to handle the ceilings and walls, but Wallpaper is indeed the best way to accomplish all these essential aesthetic features in a cohesive product. Consequently, Wallpaper seems to be the easiest method to convert a space radically without using several other aspects.

using wallpaper

Commercial wall covering can offer famous grasscloths to a more modern pattern, just like Mahones Commercial Wallpaper and Vinyl wallcovering pieces.

It will perfectly suit your desired theme that is meticulously created and designed by top-notch brands. It provides a new way of treating your walls and your ceiling to be more eye-catching and durable even if placed in a high-traffic place. This also includes Commercial Vinyl Wallcovering that ensures a sturdy design.

Wallpaper is excellent not just for aesthetic looks but also for the endurance it can give to your precious walls. Mainly when dealing with solid colors, this Wallpaper is much more useful, sturdy, and cost-effective since it brings cleanable or washable protective coating to your walls. You can also incorporate a subtle nuance and complexity to create additional visual appeal that can’t be done with a plain flat paint coat.

Why is Wallpaper better than Paint?

using wallpaper

Every space like offices or hotel rooms and lobbies is the face of your brand, getting the attention and trust of your clients could be affected by how your area looks and how well you take care of your interiors.

Guests also tend to be mesmerized by how they can feel comfortable and more relaxed with the perfect ambiance that you envision when you start designing your space. This includes the wall designs you create.

Working with home wallpaper has various advantages to having it painted with a plain paint color that you can buy in the market. One of them is being able to choose from a variety of designs. While Paint can offer different shades of colors, you may still need to add some chemicals to mix and blend colors until you acquire a specific tone for your walls. That being said, it can be more time-consuming plus the possibility of errors unless you hire a professional painter.

Utilizing Wallpaper these days is a conventional way to present your businesses with elegance and art. You could choose from beautiful designs such as.

  • Woods
  • Classic styles
  • Geometric
  • Modern patterns
  • Feminine / Masculine
  • Chalkboard designs

These collections of patterns can make sure that the owner can be fully equipped to represent their stories and humble beginnings. With these collections, you can also uniquely transform a room, and whatever mood you prefer.

Though you might think that going for commercial wallpapers and Vinyl wallcovering can be more expensive, you should also consider how often you need to repaint your walls, especially those in your place—plus having limited options, especially if you are aiming to have a textured wall design.


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Wallpaper ready-made designs showcase incredible patterns you can use when deciding what will match your mood and theme for your business.

Advantages of using Wallpapers vs. Paints

  • Cost-efficient

Home Wallpaper lasts up to 10 to 15 even more; that is why it is less expensive in the long run than using Paint may only last for five years and need to be repainted more often. Paints also tend to have cracks and chips, and you will have to retouch and hire someone to do a paint job.

  • Fashionable Styles

While Paint can give you an array of colors and combinations, using Wallpapers can give you a wide range of designs with contemporary textures and patterns that match your furniture and liven up your interiors. It is not limited to color combinations but can also provide artistic effects and finishes for you to fulfill the look you aspire for in your home and commercial spaces.

  • Cleanable

It is easier to clean since they are coated and can easily remove accumulated household marks like pens and kitchen mess. It can be washed using a sponge or cloth with a detergent to remove stains and specks of dirt. Some of the wallpapers have technology that can endure scrubbing.

  • Hide Imperfections

The best example of this is the pattern designs that can mask smudges, cracks, damage, and even those uneven surfaces of your walls. Though paints can also do most of these blemishes, wallpapers can do better when it comes to disguising defects that can save you time and money in fixing the details of your wall’s imperfections, especially when using Commercial Vinyl wallpapers.

  • Easy to Installation and Removal

One of the common misconceptions about installing wallpapers than using Paint is that it is difficult to install and be stuck with it forever unless you put an effort into removing it.

Modern wallpapers have this new technology of “paste the wall” technology that makes it one less of your worry. All you gotta do is check its specifications and materials, ensuring that you are getting the right type of Wallpaper that suits your needs.

This said technology makes the installation process and removal easier as Paint. You need to hang it dry instead of the traditional wallpapers before you need to soak it in water and hang it while it is wet. For removal, you strip it off by pulling it without using any tools.


Though it seems that using Paint is more common and comfortable for many, using wallpapers, has an edge in the long run, particularly when it comes to durability and longevity. It is also starting to be on-trend because of the vast designs you can choose from, and some may even offer customized themes for your businesses.

Finally, whether you are redecorating your space, or deciding your final look for your home, including interiors- we can always accommodate you. Mahones Wallpapers carries an array of in-style, budget-friendly designs, and collections that will fit your commercial wallcovering and home wallpaper needs.