Tips on the Best Wine Cellar

Home Design

As an avid wine collector, your ambitions and dreams lie with owning a properly working old-aged wine cellar. And by holding such a room, there would be good ways for wine bottle storage and other uses to ensure that wine is stored correctly and aged if desired. However, for many, this dream is not a reality as a wine cellar takes up a lot of space in a home; thus, owning a wine cooler such as the 400mm wide wine cooler would be the best bet of going about owning such a space in a more compact version inside instead of below your home as wine cellars tend to end up being constructed in basements of homes as they offer the perfect humidity and ideal temperature needed, as well as away from the wondering eyes of the devastating UV rays of the sun. And as many manufacturers such as Bodega 43 wine fridges, to name one of many offering their products online, makes the perfect units for wine cooling, there would be no wondering as to how to accomplish the ideal temperature, airflow, and humidity within such a unit. Henceforth, before deciding on the perfect one for your home, consider where you would ultimately be placing it, as it needs a cooler and darker area in the house, and such, the units of the 400mm variety can be placed under existing cabinets.

The history of the wine cellar

It has been found, and it is estimated that during the 1600s, the French were the first civilization to build underground rooms to store their wine. In addition, they purposely used old Roman mining caves to complete their endeavors. However, much other evidence of the early existence of the wine cellar has come to fro, such as the one found in Israel, which is estimated to be over 3700 years of age. Others have also suggested that one of the oldest wine cellars located were the ones in Armenia, which is over 6100 years old. So, when looking at the world’s oldest wine cellars, it is clear that humankind has for a long time been seeking the advantages provided by a properly working wine cellar to preserve their most prized possessions of fine wine as well as purposely embedding them in these caves that show, that ancient civilizations have been seeking to age wine correctly.

Dyed-in-the-wool benefits

The best benefit of owning a wine cellar is that this room brings forth a consistent temperature flow, which is needed as wine is not enthusiastic about air fluctuations. A specific temperature of 12 degrees Celsius is required to preserve white and red wine properly. In addition, it is essential to know that you cannot store wine over a long period of over 21 degrees Celsius because, at that stage, there would be detrimental effects on the wine, such as boiling, where you would lose all the fundamental aromas, and this is where the wine cellar plays a pivotal role. Additionally, the location of the wine cellar stays consistent, and thus, as with a wine cooler, it might need to change its location or position. In addition, within a wine cellar is the preservation of air quality and odor control.

Other benefits of a wine cellar

When discussing the proper preservation of wine in a wine cellar, other factors play a role, such as humidity that needs to stay at a pivotal 70% which, if not preserved at this stage, would be detrimental to the corks of the wine bottles. Other significant elements are also provided in a cellar and form the same environment provided within a more compact version of a wine cellar.