Small Home Remodel By Utilizing

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No one wants to live in a tiny home, but there are times when you have no option. Whether it’s due to divorce or an expensive mortgage, your current space is just too small for you and your family. If that’s the case, then it’s time for a little creativity. In this post, we’ll show you how to breathe new life into your small home remodel by utilizing existing space.

Small Home Remodel Add A Wall-Mounted Bookshelf

Wall-mounted bookshelves are a great idea for small home remodel. They save space by taking up less room than traditional built-in or freestanding bookcases, but they can still hold plenty of books. You can also add lights to the shelves to make them easier to read at night, as well as a small shelf where you can display decorative items such as framed photos or plants.

Small Home Remodel Build A Wall-Hung Cabinet

A wall-hung cabinet is an excellent way to add storage space in a small kitchen. It can be used for dishes or food items, depending on what you need the most room for. Because it’s not attached to the wall, you can easily move it out of the way when you’re not using it. In addition, some cabinets have pull-out trays that provide even more storage options (like this one).

If your space is limited but you still want some extra storage space in your kitchen or bathroom, this solution might work well for you!

Small Home Remodel Build An L-Shaped Desk

When you are building an L-shaped desk, there are several things to consider. The first step is to measure the space that you have available for your desk and make sure it’s big enough for both you and the computer. You also want to make sure that your chair will fit under it comfortably when it’s time for lunch or breaks from work. To ensure this, measure the height of your chair before you begin building so that there aren’t any surprises when it comes time for people taller than five feet six inches (1.68 meters) tall who may want to sit down at their desks rather than standing all day long! Finally, keep in mind how deep each side must go in order not just fit into place but also provide adequate storage space without taking up too much room overall – while still leaving plenty room left over so visitors can walk around without bumping into any walls or chairs accidentally.”

Small Home Remodel Add Built-In Storage Space

If you have stairs in your home, consider using the space under them as storage. You can add built-in cabinets or even a Murphy bed to create more room for clothing and shoes.

If you have a large closet that’s not being used very much, consider converting it into an office space instead! You’ll be able to fit all of your work materials within reach and still have plenty of room for clothes in other parts of the closet or dresser drawers. If this isn’t possible because there isn’t enough space for both items in one area, try making use of the wall above headboards by hanging small shelves on which to store bookshelves or other decorative items (such as picture frames).

Small Home Remodel Create A Breakfast Bar Or Island

A small home remodel can be done by creating a breakfast bar or island. A breakfast bar is an excellent way to open up space in a kitchen by creating more countertop space, and it also provides seating for guests. An island allows for additional storage and prep area, as well as increased seating at mealtime.

To create your own breakfast bar or island:

  • Determine where you want it placed in the room, then measure the distance from wall to wall. This will allow you to purchase the appropriate size table top (if applicable) for your needs.* Choose whether or not this will be permanent; if so, consider using sturdier materials like hardwood instead of particle board.* Plan on having enough room around all sides of this piece so that people won’t bump into anything when walking past them while cooking/eating at night etc.* Choose which direction would work best based on how much light enters through windows nearby – usually best facing south east if possible!


There are many ways to make the most out of your small home remodel. One way is by adding built-in storage space, such as wall-mounted bookcases or cabinets. Another option is building an L-shaped desk that allows you to save space while still having room for all your computer equipment and supplies. You can also use custom furniture like breakfast bars or islands if they don’t already exist in your kitchen area!