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Each item of your bathroom’s interiors helps to liven up your bathroom, but you can truly experience luxury only in your glass shower enclosure. In recent times, shower enclosures have become a much sought-after aspect of bathroom design. Shower enclosures add an element of luxury and extra space to bathrooms. They also increase the value of a home. So, if you’re considering renovation or modernization of your bathroom, you’re most probably going to include a shower enclosure in your plan.

Shower enclosures are the conventional wet rooms. They are made up of either frameless or framed panels of glass that confine the shower region. For the glass panels that are framed, aluminum is usually used to uphold the panels. The glass panels that are frameless are held with bolts and hinges. You can choose any type of enclosed shower – frameless, semi-frameless, framed, sliding shower screens or pivot door. Panels can also be custom-made.

Smaller bathrooms should opt for shower enclosures as water can be prevented from reaching beyond the shower area. Due to this reason, bathrooms that have shower enclosures don’t need stringent waterproofing as compared to bathrooms that have walk-in showers. A shower enclosure is a more accepted and inexpensive choice. Moreover, with shower enclosures your bathroom floor and walls can be designed with different tiles which help to create a distinctive look.

Your shower space can enhance the entire look of your bathroom. This is because glass is truly beautiful and has immense aesthetic appeal. Moreover, shower enclosures can be customized to your desired design, shape, and pattern. Glass is also highly versatile and ranks high in functionality.

Modern glass is treated and processed numerous times to arrive at its exclusive properties. In fact, it is widely recommended by designers and architects due to it being 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is not only recyclable and non-toxic but also very easy to maintain.

To retain the appeal of your bathroom, proper maintenance is vital. As opposed to shower curtains, shower enclosures don’t need too much sprucing up and cleaning. Usually, all you need is a cleaning solution. Just spray it on and wipe it off with a towel to make the shower enclosure sparkle!

Cleaning your shower enclosure regularly is essential, even though you may not love it. Just wiping the glass quickly isn’t enough. You need to keep a check on the build-up of grime which can obstruct the proper functioning of your shower enclosure. Therefore, it’s important that you deep clean your bathroom. Pay extra attention to your shower enclosure as it is filled with plenty of elements that need regular sprucing up.

Shower Enclosure

For your shower enclosure, a regular anti-bacterial cleaner that is used around the house will suffice to get rid of the grime. Spay a good amount of the cleaner on the shower enclosure, lather up, and then wipe it off with a clean damp cloth. Try using a shower squeegee to avoid streaks and wipe off the excess cleaner. For the more stubborn stains, make a baking soda paste; smear it on the shower enclosure and scrub. Use water to rinse the glass and to wash away the paste. Alternatively, you can spray the shower enclosure with a solution made of white distilled vinegar and water. Spray this on the glass and wipe it off with paper towels for squeaky clean glass!

When it comes to repairing your shower enclosure, it’s best to steer away from replacing the glass. Instead, consider having a new shower enclosure installed. This is because you may incur higher costs by replacing the glass, taking into account the time required to remove the existing panels, getting them dismantled, cleaning the framework, and reglazing.

Though the final decision depends on you, the cost to replace a damaged shower enclosure also depends on its style and size and whether it’s a single fixed panel with a hinged door and so on. The effort required to remove the existing screens and frames and replace them involves a lot of labor, which is the most expensive.

How to care for your enclosed shower?

Here are some care and maintenance tips to help keep your shower enclosure looking great.

  • To remove the excess humidity from the bathroom, ensure your bathroom is fitted with a top-notch exhaust fan. Turn it on before taking a shower.
  • Use an open-bottom shower caddy to hold soap, bath gel, shampoo, etc. If these are left on the tile shelves, it will lead to mildew and slimy residue.
  • To break down soap residue use a shower spray daily, after every shower. Soap scum and hard water deposits can be avoided if this is sprayed lightly on the tiles and floor every day.
  • If you experience mildew problems, remove the excess water from the enclosed shower with a rubber squeegee.
  • Clean the glass of the shower enclosure with a glass cleaner and a soft, clean cloth every day to make the glass sparkle.
  • Keep hard water stains and mildew at bay by sealing the grout lines every six months or as suggested by your tile setter.