Is the Cost of Living in a City Worth it?

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If you would ask me, Is the Cost of Living in a City Worth it? I would say yes, if it’s pre pandemic and why? I was born and raised in the Rural or Provincial Area. And I knew for the fact myself that I dont like slow pace lifestyle or things.

That’s why after I got my college degree. I work in Corporate busy City and Metro for the past 16 years. Who wouldn’t like the fast pace exciting lifestyle of a Wall Street career corporate raider wanabee.

Now that Im back in the Rural area due to my parent’s request. For 2 weeks already, I started missing the City lifestyle. I mean the fast transaction and the coolest events on the planet. Where you can always find that in the busiest Cities and Metro’s across the globe.

People would say that living in the City is expensive, well I agree with that. Because I paid 10x more to the cost of rental in that Central Metro living. Compare to living in a modest lifestyle in the rural area. Even the cost of living is 50-100x more expensive when I lived in Emirates Palace, a 7 Star hotel in Abu Dhabi back then for a week.

To float like a butterfly and fell like a King sometime of my life. Speaking of that, If you lived your dreams you are willing to sacrifice and pay the price of you are truly looking for. My sister lived in the US and other Sister is in Canada. Speaking of that, I’ve always wanted to visit them and do winter sport at the same time. So I can really reenact the truly lifestyle of my favourite tremendous sportsmen hollywood icon James Bond.

Because of Covid, my travel plan were all messed up. Now my options is open where to settle down or let’s just see what are the best options in buying home as an investment like when you are looking for US, Asian or Canadian Properties like this in the Calgary which is near the US and Canadian border.

So I might be browsing at these cool properties in between. Like seeing those Calgary Homes for Sale properties. I love adventure, so I can venture to be an Asian, American and Canadian investor-traveller at the same time visiting my sisters and friends in the area. Aside from that doing the real estate investments in the area. Aside from enjoying the might wintersport, hockey as well as the Canadian moto and f1 grand prix.

Because of the pandemic, people might think that property values are going down. Might be, yes and no! But theirs also a lot of oppurtunities if you play the real estate smart. In every government aids and oppurtunities some may avail the City incentives and tax benifit. If you just know exactly what you are doing.

I might be thinking outsmart when it comes to property investment, but some areas in US and Canada is rich in oil, people technical skills and technology silicon valley hub. You might a little bit diversify your investments when living or just doing and investments to this expensive cities zip codes.

But then again, I will always choose to live in the City and consider the Province or Rural area as a vacation home. Because the action and excitement lives in the City. The techno bubble and significant happenings is in the City. So I need to live my dreams full of excitement and action aventure. So see you there!