How Work from Home will Impact the Industry Future

Home Contractor

I’ve been working from home now for the past 2 months. Since I got hospitalized from Corona virus last Febuary of this year 2021. After 2 weeks recovering from corona virus. I told myself, I will never go back to office set up again. So I requested a work from home set up with my full time job with my US based Internet and TV company. At the same time juggling 2-3 part time job to maximize my power and revenue while I stay at home.

Since I dont need to spend hours in daily commute traffic anymore. Also I realized that it is safer at home and you can do a lot of productive things. Accomplishing projects in US finance and business directory pages as well as Australian SEO, digital marketing and website development made so easy for me.

Aside from doing a blog post to several blogs across the globe. It gives me excitement of how you can accomplish so mush in a day if you keep on working. Making things happen and bringing revenue to a certain company and profit to a small and big businesses.

They said that Corona virus is putting the business industry down. But not for the Business process outsourcing, delivery and internet business. The market share became 3x even 10x more before pandemic. So if you are going to invest do the BPO, medical and internet tech industry.

We are the one who is dominating the market now. There’s plenty of job if you just search online. Even if you are a High School drop out you can still find a job online. Like Telemarketing and customer service even technical support or data encoder.

Work from home business people and investor doesnt need a degree. They need guts and experience to those people who can deliver result. I mean result when it comes to sales, revenue, quota or a certain metrics that is essential for the business to survive.

So no excuses of if’s and but’s in working at home and making those salary and profit per hour. By the use of telephone, email or cellphone. Million’s of BPO working from home are doing that that. The old school is telemarketing or phone service. But now that we have internet you can actually do tutorial for all ages. What ever it is, email and then share your skills via zoom, google meet, facebook or skype conference meeting.

So no need for corporate or office set up, even fortune 500 companies switched to more than 50% of their workforce to work from home. And they said that they save a lot. I mean its really profitable for them and beneficial to every family. Because they can multi task at home by performing the office and home chores at the same time.

Corona virus will stay for a year or two even 5 years I predicted. And it is ideal that you transact business from the comfort of your home. And imagine how much time and comfort you save. It is good for you health and pocket too.

You may see some ideas here on how to make your money work hard for you. If you utilized if wisely, Aa well as the future of voice will affect future business and online smart payment system technology developed by Intellifluence.