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Essential Reading Before You Buy Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire Online

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In the gemstone community in India, there is hardly a gemstone that holds a higher rank in terms of popularity and marketability than Pukhraj. The gemstone is coveted by people from various walks of life, and there is hardly any demographic that it does not appeal to. But what is this ‘Pukhraj’? For those who might not be aware of it, you might know the gemstone being talked about by a different, global name: Yellow Sapphire. Whatever be it, let’s get right into it.

The popularity and fame of the Yellow Sapphire, as aforementioned, knows no bounds. In geological terms, the discovery of the gemstone is somewhat recent, which has not by any means resisted or retarded its soaring rise to recognition. Coming in beautiful and pristine shades of yellow, Pukhraj is one of the most popular gemstones in not only India but the world itself. In the Indian subcontinent, the gemstone happens to assume immense astrological significance, leading it to enjoy a healthy amount of demand in the market.

Yellow Sapphire

The stone has multiple sources of origin including Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Madagascar to name a few, with the Ceylonese variant being the most popular amongst the lot. Pukhraj as a gemstone is known to bring success and stability and is trusted by the relatively important members of the society. Recognisable instantaneously for its appearance in impeccable hues of Yellow, Pukhraj certainly enjoys more fame in the Eastern half of the world than the Western, mostly owing to its astrological benefits and powers. The Pukhraj gemstone is known to fall in the dominion of Jupiter, which is also known as ‘Brihashpati’ in some local lingoes. Being thus, it is considered to be extremely auspicious and is known to bring fame and prosperity to the individual.  Pukhrajes usually come in four shades of yellow (one of them being practically close to colourlessness), and the popularity and power of a gemstone depends on its shade. Usually, the darker the shade of yellow is of a pukhraj stone, the more powerful is it considered to be. Colourless pukhrajes, as aforementioned are also available on the market, but they are considered to be of relatively lower quality than the other variants and their range of benefits is significantly more restricted. The variety of Pukhraj that is Golden Yellow is the one that is most popular and most readily available in the market. The Dark Yellow variety of the gemstone on the other hand, close to the colour of amber, is the one that is considered to be most powerful and usually costs the most amongst the lot.

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