Effective Cleaning Spree Routines Every Household Should Adopt

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Cleanliness is next to godliness! We bet everyone reading this has heard this probably a million times. Well, this time, we add one more to the million times you have heard. But there is always a grey area when people do not know what to clean and how often to do it, but worry not; this piece will give you a few cleaning spree routines that you can achieve to ensure your home stays spick and span.

The daily cleaning routine

This is the regime you follow every single day of the week, and it entails simple cleaning actions. The places you clean daily are all the spots in the house used by everyone and every day, like the kitchen, the bathroom, lavatory, and the living room. Here, you use soap, disinfectant, and a mob to wash the floors and wipe the surfaces. The dishes and the sinks must also be cleaned daily. It would be best if you again dusted the pillows on any ferm living furniture plus the stools and never forget the doorknobs.

The once-in-a-week cleaning routine

This entails the washing and mopping of the floors under the seats, the tables, and movable furniture. The massive electronics like the gas cooker and the washing machine should also be wiped, and the surfaces below cleansed too. You can also include your laundry in this category if you are in a household with two to three people, but past that, you might have to do the laundry at least twice weekly. In this same routine, you vacuum the carpet, wipe the lamps, scrub the bathtubs, disinfect the loo, change the sheets, and wipe all the furniture top to bottom, back and front.

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The once in a month cleaning routine

This is a notch higher where you replace things like curtains and carpets and get them professionally cleaned. You also wipe down the walls and remove all the lingering cobwebs on the roofs, including everything done in the once-in-a-week regime. This cleaning session should take you the better part of the day as you also wash all the blankets and other coverings.

Once-in-a-while cleaning routine

This is perhaps the one you may need help with as it may include the thorough cleaning of sofa sets, musical instruments, and electronics. Some of these cleansing activities can only be done by professionals to ensure that everything remains operational and functional. These routines take time, cost a lot, and thus need to be achieved once in a while. In a year, you can have this done once or twice if you live in a dusty area.

Take away

Cleaning your humble abode should be a priority, and the routines mentioned above will help you do just that. So, being systematic by following your daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning sessions, you should not have a lot to do in the one in a while cleaning sessions. As a matter of fact, you may be seated and watching the last cleaning routine since the professionals have it under control.