Do you make these mistakes while choosing your planters?


It takes a great effort and thoughtful investment of time to turn a house into a home. Design plays a crucial role in this process. There is endless scope for experimentation with the designs. Several factors such as colours, themes, objects, shapes and emotion help in narrating a story of a space. There are man-made objects that are used in designing spaces like paintings, sculptures, art pieces that represent art and aesthetics. Plants on the other hand represent nature and chaos. Hence including plants in your house designing can be a great way to balance both these aspects. If you are new in gardening and need a quick guide about selecting plants to beautify your home, you can refer to our previous blogs.

Planters that used to be just a pot to host a plant, have now become a medium to enhance the beauty of your home and the garden. Planters today come in various shapes and sizes. This evolution of planters has changed the way one looks at the designs. FRP planters come in every shape and size with a variety of colours and textures. Selecting these decorative planters for your plants can be a bit confusing. This article will help you to avoid some common mistakes while selecting your planters and help your design project to tell a story while standing out in a crowd.

Wrong colour combinations of Indoor Planters

The furniture, walls, plants and other components in your indoor space are in a specific colour scheme. Ensure that the colour of your indoor planters is complimenting the existing colour theme of your house. Opting for colours unfitting in the existing ambience is not recommended. Please stick to subtle colour combinations such as Green and Grey or Blue and Orange etc. Avoid pairing polar opposite colours such as Red with Green. Be careful about where the planters will be placed. For example – If you are placing a planter close to a shoe rack or a sofa, then you may want to consider colour for a planter that can blend in with the existing colours of the nearby objects.

During your time at home, you will be surrounded by your indoor plants. Hence, choosing vibrant colour planters can help you bring positive energy to your house.

Wrong planter size

The growth of plants varies as per their characteristic. Hence, selecting a planter with adequate size becomes very important. For example, if you are opting for large plants such as Banyan Bonsai, Weeping Fig or Majestic Palm you should opt for planters of medium to large size. For the tiny plants like Jade Plant or Kalanchoe, you can opt for small planters which will serve the purpose. Opting for a planter of inadequate size can hamper the growth of your plants. Reading about the plants that you are growing can help to get some clarity. You can then decide which planters to buy. You can read from Bonasila’s previous blogs and develop some understanding about this specific topic.

Ignoring technicalities of planters

The modern-day planters are a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality. There are planters with smart water management systems for plants with more seepage. This smart system allows the storage of excess water and it can be taken out at a convenient time. It prevents the floor from getting messy. Planters also come in half and full body. Based on the volume and strength of plant roots, you can opt for either half or full body planters. Ignoring these technicalities of planters is a common mistake that you should avoid. You want to be surrounded by healthy and happy plants, and understanding the basics is key to ensure that.

Ignoring design elements of space

There may be some shapes like circles, prismatic edges that are dominant in the design theme of your house.  Paying close attention to those can help you imagine which planters can match or blend in with the theme. If you have designed your space with the consultation of an interior designer, discussing with them can help you get some understanding on this topic. Balance, Unity, Proportion and Focus are important aspects of the designing process. Reading about these aspects can help you to understand the design of your space in depth. You can use this understanding to select the planters as well as every other object that would fit perfectly to your space. Your space will no longer just be a decorated set of items but it will tell a story, just like your favourite cafe.

Copying ideas thoughtlessly

While it’s really easy to get inspiration from sites such as Pinterest, copying those ideas is the most obvious fall trap that you should avoid. The design ideas which you see on the internet are backed with a thought. Remember their ideas will always reflect their stories. While there is no harm in seeking inspiration, you should never thoughtlessly copy design ideas. Think about how you want your space to be. Which plants do you love to be surrounded by? Why are those plants special to you? What colour planters do you want to have for your plants? How do you want to arrange them? Which one will be close to your bed and which one will be welcoming your guests? Remember, there is an emotion attached to the place that you are about to design. If you give a thought all these minute details, then your space will reflect your personality and stand out in a crowd.

A way ahead

Bonsila is a market leader for designer decorative planters in India and across the globe. Planters by Bonasila are a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality. Each planter at our studio is handcrafted with love and passion. While our designers create beautiful designs, our skilled artisans put their heart and soul to bring those designs to reality. This is the reason why every planter coming out of our studio tells a unique story.

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