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Common Swimming Pool Problems and Their Solutions

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Most homeowners love and want to have a swimming pool around their homes, especially during the summers, to keep them cool in heated temperatures. Besides the cooling effect, swimming pools enhance lifetime memories, including poolside fun, relaxation, and parties or special occasions. To some, they are a luxury and sometimes a necessity for others.

One thing every pool owner would agree with is the fact that swimming pools need regular maintenance as they would present several problems. Simply put, every pool owner must ensure they maintain swimming pool repair services to help curb various issues experienced.

So, before considering building a swimming pool or buying a home with one, it would be wiser to have in mind some of the challenges to expect while managing the pool.

Here are some of the most common problems pool owners face with their best solutions:

Algae Affliction/buildup

Algae is a common problem that most pool owners experience. But the most disturbing question that most people ask is, how do algae get into their pool?

Simple, algae are contained in nearly all plants or soil debris, and they naturally occur. Also, wind can blow algae spores into the pool, and sometimes they are introduced by contaminated water. They can be frustrating as they turn pool water green. To make it worse, they’re always in the pool; they just blossom when there are favorable conditions.

So, how are algae prevented?

The most straightforward remedy for pool algae management is shock treatment: this is performed using three times the normal amount of shock. If the infestation persists, couple the shock treatment with stop green stop yellow, or super green Algaecide. It won’t take long before the water gets clear.

Cloudy or Murky Water

Pool water should be clear enough to allow a person to see the bottom or base of the pool. However, suppose there are murky-looking pool waters. In that case, chances are that the water is contaminated and the pH level of the seas is off.

Here are some of the possible causes of cloudy/murky water:

  • Higher pH values
  • Higher level of chlorine in the water
  • Poor water circulation
  • Bacteria infliction in the pool

What is the solution for cloudy/murky pool waters?

Depending on the possible causes, either of the following treatments would be beneficial:

  • Regular shocking of the pool
  • Adding pH muriatic acids to help lower the pH levels
  • Draining or replacing water

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Presence of Unusual Stains

It’s common to get some pool owners complaining about agitating brown and weird stains on the walls of their pools. The presence of the pigments could be a result of high mineral quantities. Since removing the stains might be impossible, adding sequestering agents such as stain or scale products and rubbing them against the stains is advisable.

Technical Problems

Technical difficulties are facing almost every machine or equipment, and pools are not exceptional. Therefore, technical problems like the clogged filter fiasco could make it impossible for the pool to perform well. So, if the pool builds up unseen debris, it may choke the filter. Meaning there would be low water circulation.

To effectively manage any technical problem, every pool owner should ensure they maintain high swimming pool repair services to facilitate flawless operations.

In conclusion

Everybody likes an excellent place to relax during the summer. A swimming pool presents the best place for individuals to rest during hot days. However, owning and maintaining a swimming pool are two different things altogether. Owners would face a lot of problems that demand attention for smooth swimming pool operations.