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Common Myths About Radon

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Myths About Radon

Even though radon is a dangerous gas and is present everywhere, many people lack awareness about what it actually is. The people who know about it may have a lot of misinformation Myths About Radon due to misconceptions. It is important to clear your doubts about this dangerous gas and get your facts right to protect yourself and your family.

There are several myths about radon on the Internet. People have faulty information about its effects, how it enters your home, how it can be detected, etc. Such misinformation can lead to adverse health conditions due to poor prevention. Consult an expert and get a home radon test today.

Common myths about radon 

1. Radon is not really dangerous. 

Many people believe that radon is not really dangerous. This is usually said because they do not experience adverse health conditions even after living under radon exposure for decades. However, this is a wrong conception.

Thousands of people die of lung cancer resulting from radon exposure every year. The gas kills you slowly, so it may look like you are doing fine until you start experiencing the symptoms one day. Nobody thinks it will happen to them until it does. It is better to look at the statistics rather than create your own theory.

2. Radon tests are expensive and take a long time. 

A radon test kit is not expensive at all. In fact, one can easily afford to buy a short-term radon testing kit for as little as $15. The cheaper kits may not give you an accurate reading of the radon levels, but you can still gain a rough idea of the situation.

Short-term kits take only about 5-7 days, meaning they are not time-taking either. All you need to do is place a kit in the corner of your house and let it do its work. The kit does not require any maintenance as well.

3. If there is radon in a home, the person living there will be able to detect it. 

Radon is a colorless and odorless gas. If it enters your house, it is impossible for you to be able to detect it without testing it. The gas is not detectable by human senses like other harmful gasses are. In fact, you could be heavily surrounded by this gas and not even recognize it. This radioactive gas is known as a silent killer for a reason.

These are some common myths about the radioactive gas that is radon. To protect your family’s health, test your home and install a mitigation system today.