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Can You Stay Home During a Mold Remediation Project?

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We all know that mold is a common problem in most households. Alongside this is the fact that mold remediation is not something that you shouldn’t neglect. The impact of mold on your home and the people dwelling in it can be harmful and dangerous. Hence, it is always good to have them removed by professionals. If you are worried about not having a place to stay while mold remediation is ongoing, there will be methods to make it work for you. However, several factors can determine the safety of your home during the process.

Factors to Consider Before Staying Home During Remediation

Depending on these factors, you can decide whether staying at home during remediation is possible or not. Go through each one and get professional advice to make decision-making easier.

Extent of Damage

The first thing to think about is if the house is livable during the process. Determine the points that need remediation. Will you have a bathroom to use? Do you have a bedroom to sleep in? Will the kids have a space to eat or play in? While other areas are being worked on, will there be enough space for the things to be moved? It is also vital to determine how big the project is. If it’s a small remediation project, it is manageable to share the room or work in a limited space. However, if it is a big one, you may need to spend months in that setup. Ask yourself and the people you’re living with if it is a setup, they’d feel comfortable living in for a long time.

Noise Level

Apart from the space, it is also good to consider the amount of noise that the process will produce. The machinery and equipment used by the remediation team can create noise throughout the day. Will you be comfortable dealing with the noise? Will you be able to work or take calls? Will the kids be able to sleep, play, and live comfortably with it?

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HVAC Systems

Another thing to consider is whether the HVAC system is affected or not. For some households, having a working HVAC system is important. The remediation may be during summer and having no HVAC can make living uncomfortable and extremely hot. It can also be during winter when heaters are crucial. It’s also good to ask the contractors whether they’ll need to decrease humidity during the process.

Sensitivity and Health Conditions

While all other factors matter, the top priority should always be health. Does anyone in the home have existing health issues that can be aggravated during remediation? The presence of sensitivity and respiratory problems in the household can indicate that it’s not safe to stay during the process. You can also consult with a medical practitioner to determine whether staying there is okay or not.

The Bottomline

In the past, people always stayed out of their homes during remediation projects. As of today, professional remediation companies are now equipped and trained to contain only those areas affected. This gives homeowners a chance to stay in their homes with ongoing remediation work. Ultimately, the determining factors we mentioned above have a significant impact on the possibility of staying there. Always ask your remediation contractors for their input because they know that limiting exposure is a top priority.