Appliances that Break the Most Often

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Ultimately, every appliance in your home will break down, and you will need to replace or repair it. However, there are certain appliances that break down often than others. That’s why it’s advisable to research more about these appliances before buying them. Below are some of the appliances that break down most.


These are some of the common home appliances that most experts from Tampa Appliance Repair deal with. Most people with cooktop elements or gas burners report issues with them not heating up or lighting up. The most common problem with these is a broken ignition system. Burners can stop turning on and you will not be able to heat anything. On both gas and electric ranges, the temperature sensor in the oven tends to break too. One of the weak parts which can break during intense usage is the range door. If you experience any of the above issues, let an experienced technician inspect your range before choosing to replace or repair it.

Washing machines

Yes, you might attest to the fact that the washing machine in your home tends to break down frequently, especially when you have an empty closet or overflowing hampers. Washing machines tend to break down regularly because most of the part of the machine is in close contact with water constantly. Moreover, spin cycles are very brutal.

However, washing machines do breakdown because of user error or failure to regularly maintain them. To make sure that your washing machine doesn’t breakdown so often, ensure that you’ve placed it in the ideal location, and avoid overloading it. Also, never put in items that can damage the machine.


Just like a washing machine, dryers tend to break down often because of human error. Putting heavy loads and wrong items are the most culprits to this. Also, failure to do regular maintenance can cause your dryer to break down often. Gas and electric dryers tend to have different issues. Ignition coils in gas dryers needed to be replaced every year. The most common problem is failing to clean the vent or lint screen. Always clean the screen after every load and the vent at least once a year.


Refrigerators with water or ice dispenser tend to break down more frequently. Most homeowners with such appliances normally complain of the ice or water dispenser not working. Clicking, buzzing, humming sounds coming from the refrigerator can indicate serious issues. Also, others complain of the ice buildup in the refrigerator, water not cooking properly, or water leakage. The most common culprits to this issue are faulty thermostat, evaporator fan, or ice maker.

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned in the article regular maintenance can save your money. Appliance repair can be pricey. How much does it cost? Well, you will know it after the first technician visit. Usually, services charge for the appliance diagnosis and for the parts, which can be expensive. Consider the costs and lead to the conclusion should you repair or replace your appliance.