7 Best way to Decorate a Studio Apartment

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One thing everyone who wants to decorate their studio apartment must remember is that unlike other spaces, a studio apartment will have a single room that needs to be used as a bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, and other such rooms. So many used to be put into a single room, often ending up messing that room while decorating it. Everyone loves to spend some time indoors, decorating their home – their way. Here are some ways to decorate your studio apartment in a stylish yet comfortable manner. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to turn up your single room into a palace.

Decorate a Studio Apartment

  • Have Glass Partition/ Room Divider In Between The Rooms – As you need to use your studio apartment into other rooms as well, make sure to demarcate the area with a glass partition or room divider which would separate your living room from your bedroom and other parts of the room.
  • Bring Some Ornamental Plants Indoors – Not it will beautify your space with its natural charm but also it has some medicinal, therapeutic, and air purifying properties. You can choose for a bonsai tree, peace lily plant, spider plant, snake plant, lucky bamboo plant, and money plant, among many other such beautiful options. As there can be a lack of space you can choose to beautify your space with hanging pots and planters.
  • Choose Some Versatile Piece of Furnishing – Furnishing pieces like foldable chair and table which can be folded back in a compact, the portable structure seems like a lifesaver. Sofa cum bed is another such versatile piece of furnishing which can be turned into a sofa as and when guests arrive, and when they leave into a comfy bed for you to doze off.
  • Use Smart Storage Spaces – Long almirahs, wardrobes, and cupboards would look too clumsy, hence look for a bed, sofa, couches for your studio apartment with smart storage spaces. You can make full use of its storage capacity, save some space, and even a few bucks on purchasing a separate storage unit for all your essentials.
  • Have A Single Paint Colors Chosen for Your Entire Apartment – The uniformity of the color throughout the room will transform not just liven up your room but also will make it spacious. Also, make sure to match the decor items complimenting the paint of the apartment and cover up the floor with a matching rug.
  • Float Pieces Of Arts – As you might not have enough walls to hang your art pieces onto, you can simply hang some floating pieces to notch up your living room decor. Choose the rod of the curtains and suspend your art pieces by hanging on it with the help of some strong rope which is enough to take the load of the art piece.
  • Opt for Curtains Over Doors – Curtains would save the amount of space a door would take and for studio apartments wherein there is no sufficient amount of space, curtains seem to enjoy our privacy.

So, these were some ways to decorate a studio apartment into your own paradise.