5 Proven Tips for Maintaining a Wine Cooler

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Maintaining a wine cooler, whether it is newly bought from winecoolershop.co.uk or you’ve had one for years, is very important to keep it running. Unlike other appliances like dishwashers, blenders, and ovens, wine coolers require low maintenance. These maintenance practices will lengthen the appliance usage and keep it operable.

The problem is not in maintenance for some people, but what they should maintain. Since you’ve decided to join the clique of people having a wine cooler in their homes, you should be prepared to carry out the responsibilities that come with it.

In this article, proven maintenance tips have been highlighted for you. So, get ready to do another round of activities in your home.

1. Choose a good location

Where you place your wine cooler will affect several things. If it is not like the integrated wine coolers with a front vent, you’ll need an open space to allow ventilation. It is recommended that about 2-4inches is left on each side of the freestanding and countertop wine coolers.

Two, keep your wine cooler away from heat or ambient temperature. It should not be close to Windows where sun rays can touch it. If your wine cooler has a glass door, you may be exposing your wines to highly destructive UV rays.

Three, don’t place wine coolers beside appliances that emanate heat. Appliances like dishwashers, ovens, and washers are great examples of such devices.

2. Proper installation

If you cannot install your newly bought wine fridge, ask an expert to do it for you. After choosing the best location for your fridge, install it properly. Unpack the device from the wrap and leave it for some days before plugging it into a light source. It is great to provide legs or stands for your wine fridge.

3. Avoid overloading

The manufacturer will always state the capacity of the wine cooler on the guide; therefore, you shouldn’t overload. It’s always advisable to buy a fridge slightly larger than what you might need.

On the other hand, wine coolers work efficiently when adequately loaded. This then means that you should avoid overstocking as much as possible. An overworked fridge is likely to break down sooner.

4. Clean occasionally

To keep your appliance performing maximally, you must clean occasionally and not frequently. This is to avoid frost buildup in any place within the wine cooler. Before cleaning, disconnect the plug, remove the bottles carefully, and then the shelves.

Keep the wines in a dark and cool place at home to maintain the temperature. After that, wipe with a soft cloth dampened with water and soda. Reconnect the plug and leave for some time before rearranging the shelves and bottles of wine.

5. Check thoroughly

Of course, a breakdown of your wine fridge is inevitable, but you should check the wine fridge from time to time and see if it needs troubleshooting. Does it make any strange noise? Is it still running cold?

You should also check the drip tray positioned at the back of the fridge. Empty the water from time to time to prevent mold development from stagnant water.


Occasional cleaning is a great maintenance practice. It is strongly recommended to do this every six month or thrice a year. As you relish every taste of that chilled red or white wine, don’t forget that maintaining the wine fridge is necessary.