3 Tips for Where to Put Your Television:

Home Design

Various places around the living room and bedroom can be used to place your favourite TV. The desired location should be easily accessible, elegant and space saver. The blog mainly discusses different sections and respective pros and cons for using the same. The 3 tips also include specifications such as rules of operation, installation and much more. However, the tips do not require you to save or compromise between a space that looks good and accommodates your respective favourite activities.

Tip 1: Placement of TV on the main wall and in front of the Sofa

The sofa can be well placed in the centre of the large living room. The living room also serves as the entryway where most people are walking often through on their way in and out. Thus, the backside of the sofa should be used efficiently. While the TV on the front wall can be well equipped using the TV stand.


  • The backside of the sofa can be used for accessing the entrance or exit of the living room.
  • Easy to watch TV from all angles of the living room.


  • The major challenge is the placement of the sofa due to its variation in dimension and portability.
  • The space in the living room can be blocked if the sofa is not so portable.

Tip 2: Placement of TV next to the fireplace

It is mandatory to keep various aspects such as power source, spacing, focal point, hidden points and rotation angel while placing the TV. The main focal point in the living room is the TV, thus it should be placed in the centre. However, if you want the fireplace to be the focal point of the room that this tip is probably not for you.


  • The angle on a credenza next to the fireplace is found to be the best for TV viewers.
  • The focal point and space are well accommodated in the specific angle without any block view to the TV.


The living space can be well accommodated with various specific items. However, if you decide to set a chandelier or a fireplace to set as the main focal point then, it is not always easy to set up the TV next to the fireplace.

Tip 3: Placement of TV on the media furniture

If you have a traditional or small living room, then the idea of placing the TV on media furniture will be the perfect match for you. The design of the furniture also can be customized as per the interior of the house or the living room.


  • More storage around the TV.
  • Well suitable for the person who actively uses the TV for consoles, gaming devices, video calls and various other multi-purposes.
  • Well suited to keep the books, décor and even toys.


  • The view can be blocked by various things kept in the media furniture.
  • Dust underneath and above the furniture.
  • It also has a restricted view on height and angle.